5 Reasons Why You Need a Legal Blog

Most lawyers have discovered that blogging is an effective, simple and convenient way to enhance their reputation, build a professional network and enhance search engine optimization efforts.

  • For many lawyers who blog, blogging is an effective tool for reputation enhancement. It helps raise your profile in your professional sphere, and works to establish you as an expert in your field of law.
  • Blogs are also a vital tool to use in your site’s search engine optimization strategy. Blogs are updated regularly, unlike static websites, and that is more attractive to search engine spiders.
  • You can also use your blog as a PR tool in order to keep in touch with current or past clients. Your clients will enjoy keeping in touch with you via a blog, especially if you offer them news items, excerpts from the latest research, important court rulings and other pieces of information that are related to their practice.
  • Blogging can also help you develop your referral network. It can help you develop strong relationships with lawyers from out of your state. As a result, they are most likely to consider you when they need a lawyer in your city.
  • The best reason to start blogging is that blogging is effective and very simple to keep up. It’s easy and cheap to set up a blog, and fairly simple to set up a steady stream of content that keeps the blog alive and fresh. You can ask junior lawyers or paralegals in your firm to write posts for the blog, if you don’t have time to do so. You can also get your blog updated regularly by hiring someone externally.

The bottom line is that blogs are easy to update, and simple to maintain. They are low on investment and high on returns, because they don’t cost much to set up, but offer so many advantages over conventional marketing strategies.

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