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Adam Wolf is a trained attorney and legal website design, marketing expert for lawyers, law firms and legal organizations. 

A growing body of research finds that consumers needing legal services are increasingly using the Internet—rather than the advice of friends and family—to find an attorney. The most recent study to report on this trend comes from the marketing firm Perceptio in an eBook entitled “Revenue and Client Growth: A Guide for Firm Management.” In the report, Perceptio points out that in 2005, 65% of people searching for an attorney found
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Law firm web marketing is ultimately all about fulfilling a need. Clients need information and guidance. Our job is to figure out how to meet them wherever they’re going. When a layperson hits the web with a potential lawsuit or a legal need, we want to make sure they find our clients first. To accomplish that, we have to understand how today’s prospective clients are using the Internet to conduct law
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What if I told you there’s an easy answer to all your law firm blogging woes and it’s on your TV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? That’s right: the news. Current events make blogs better. That’s especially true in the law firm marketing context, where the whole point of blogging is to strengthen your connection to clients and bolster your standing in the search results. Current events blogging
How long can a “hot topic” stay en vogue before the buzz burns out? Social networking for law firms has been a trending topic in our industry for years now, and we suspect that some law firms are probably tired of hearing about how social they should be. How many of you really, truly, actively engage in social media? More to the point, how do you feel about your answer? Well,

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Google is far and away the largest search engine on the internet. Microsoft (Bing), Yahoo, Ask and AOL aren’t even close. In fact, another Google Site—YouTube—garners more search traffic than all of those competitors combined. More than 3 billion searches are processed on YouTube each month. Every minute, 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube. Every month, 6 billion hours of video are viewed on the site, currently the fastest
Google Inc. announced last week that websites using  SSL and HTTPS—the secure version of HTTP—may get a ranking boost. In Webmaster speak, HTTPS is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) “ranking signal.” For now, Google said in a blog post, the signal is very lightweight and will affect fewer than 1% of global queries. Addressing even a minor signal can add up to a major difference.  And as the company admits, it
What smaller law firms lack in resources, they make up for in responsiveness and creativity. This principal applies not only to how small and medium sized firms handle cases, but also to their marketing approach. Simply put, you cannot compete with large law firms on a dollar for dollar basis, but being smart about how you spend your marketing dollars will make them go further and provide the best return on
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If there is one thing that can send a website owner into a spiral of confusion and hysteria, it is a Google algorithm update. Algorithm updates happen frequently, but there more intensive instances during the year that can have a significant impact on website rankings. Even the smallest dip in a site’s rankings can be detrimental to your firm. Learning what Google has identified as a problem and removing the penalty applied

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Thank you for another great year at Legal Web Design (our 15th)! Every year during the holiday season we donate to charities and encourage others to get in the giving spirit as well. This year we supported the following charities. Please click on the links below to visit their websites: Make A Wish FoundationKempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and NeglectCASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates for

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Keeping a blog current and filled with relevant, high-quality content is a blogger’s biggest challenge. This is especially true for people using a blog to promote their business, as opposed to those who blog for a living. Blogs are a great tool for attracting attention to a firm, but an attorney’s daily priorities must focus on clients and time in the courtroom. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to keep a blog

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