A Few Easy Ways to Promote Your Legal Website

Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools. As you already know, people search online for basic and detailed information before buying a product or choosing to do business with a firm. Unfortunately, even the best site in the world does no good if people are unable to find it.

One of the best ways to promote your site is through search engine optimization. Optimizing your site allows search engines to find it, so when people conduct a search they are guided to your site. However, traditional optimization is not the only way to promote your site. By combining standard SEO with these other techniques, you will boost how many people visit your site.


Creating and sending a newsletter to current and potential clients is a great way to promote your business and your website. Newsletters create a sense of community and allow you to share information directly. Your newsletter can address changes in your industry, answers to common questions from clients, and tidbits intended to educate and enrich.

Not everything in your newsletter needs to be related directly to your field, either. The key to a good newsletter is to grab the attention of the reader by offering an interesting piece of information that helps them improve their current situation. For instance, a divorce lawyer might include a list of 10 tips for relocation, since many of his clients will be looking for new homes as their marital status changes. A great way to get people to click from your newsletter to your site is to include just three reasons sent to them directly and invite them to visit the site for more. If you prefer paper newsletters, include an invitation to visit your site the next time they are online.

Social Media

It’s hard to believe there are Internet savvy professionals still not participating in social media. Unfortunately, many of those who are participating haven’t quite mastered the art of promoting their business and site through social media. They use it to communicate with friends or family, or just inundate their followers with links to poorly written online content.

There are much better ways to make the most of social media. It is a great tool for lawyers because it allows potential clients to get to know you in advance. One of the most intimidating aspects of dealing with legal issues is feeling comfortable with your attorney. Social media allows you to share information and put followers at ease. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality in your social media because ultimately, you want potential clients to feel as if they already know you.

Free Materials

Additionally, you can encourage people to visit your site by offering them something for free. This can be a downloadable e-book, video series, e-course, or anything else your clients and potential clients might find valuable. For instance, an attorney might provide a very basic course on creating a will. It might seem counter-productive to encourage people to DIY work you can do for them, but think of it this way: the average person needs more than just basic information when it comes to their estate. Even if one out of every 100 visitors uses the tips you provide and walks away, there are still 99 in need of additional guidance. Since you’ve already provided them information, they are more likely to reach out to you.

There are endless ways to promote your firm’s website and make the most of this valuable marketing tool. If you would like assistance implementing these strategies or you want to improve your site for your upcoming onslaught of visitors, contact Legal Web Design.

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