Is an Email Newsletter a Good Idea?

Keeping in touch with clients is a great way to generate business. Not only do you stay fresh in a current client’s mind so they think of you when legal support is needed, but you also make it easier for them to refer you to other potential clients. Reaching out on a consistent basis to current clients and anyone with an interest in your firm is not “bothering” them, but merely reminding them your firm is available when needed.

One of the best ways to maintain an ongoing relationship with past and current clients is through a newsletter. Newsletters provide a casual, but still professional, method of sharing information with the people most important to your firm. In addition to clients, newsletters are a great way to build relationships with industry experts and colleagues. Newsletters sum up the latest information pertaining to your firm and allow you to share this information with others in a convenient and unobtrusive manner.

Email vs. Hard Copy
This is one of the most popular questions that arise regarding newsletters. There is no right answer and each firm should determine whether a newsletter delivered via email or through traditional post is the best option. These days, most firms prefer email versions of their newsletters, but having a few hard copies on hand, at least in your office, allows you to share information with visitors in-person. You and your marketing team can discuss the pros and cons of each type of newsletter and determine which of the two suits your budget and marketing agenda.

Another important consideration regarding your newsletter is its content. Your newsletter should feature a professional tone, even if it is slightly more casual than some of the other correspondence generated by your firm, and it should be interesting enough to catch the attention of readers. Including current information about your firm and material that is of concern to clients is a great way to make your newsletter interesting. It is a good idea to have monthly or quarterly brainstorming sessions for generating content ideas and organizing those ideas into an editorial calendar.

Planning Your Newsletter
Remember, newsletters do not need to be the same for all law firms. Take some time to get a strong plan in place and then follow through just as you would with any of your marketing opportunities. We can help!

If you need assistance or support with your newsletter program or you are looking for creative ways to upgrade your company’s online marketing plan, we can help. Contact us for more information.

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