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People not using Internet marketing to make a full-time living often feel overwhelmed by how quickly developments come to pass in the industry. Some business owners are just getting on board with having a website and using a blog, but they already feel behind because there are so many other strategies they are not yet using. Attorneys often fall into this category because their priorities are on their clients and their cases. Many understand the importance of online marketing, but these projects are put on the backburner in favor of client work, especially in smaller firms.

One of the most valuable tools attorneys have in their Internet marketing arsenal is video content. It used to be a website filled with written information was enough. Now, many attorneys find that featuring videos on their law firm’s sites is one of the best ways to attract clients. Not only does it “beef up” the content, videos give a detailed look into your firm and help clients feel at ease before they even walk through your door.

Celebrity Status
As simple as it is to add video content to your firm’s site, it still provides major impact. Many attorneys find that featuring videos on their site and creating a YouTube channel helps establish them as experts in their fields. Even though anyone can post videos online, well-made videos still give a “celebrity” impression. If a video is professionally made and features valuable information, like a commercial on television but even more in-depth, clients get a strong positive impression of your experience and your firm. Despite the proliferation of videos featuring everyday people, there is still a tendency to feel a bit star-struck when working with someone we’ve seen on a screen.

Videos are another way to educate potential clients and make their decision to choose your firm easier. Some people will visit your site and read all the information you have provided, while others will skim the written material and move on. Videos capture the attention of those who learn by engaging senses that are not as highly engaged when reading. Not only does it give you an opportunity to share more information, it does so in a way that is appealing to different groups of people. It also gives you a greater reach when it comes to sharing legal information with the public. If you do expand to an entire channel of content, you are doing your industry a service by educating a larger group of people.

Are you looking for ways to make your law firm’s website more engaging? Are you disappointed in the results you are having and you are ready to bump your site up a notch? We can help. Your website is one of your most effective marketing tools and we’ll make sure you are getting the most out of it for your firm.

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