Is Your About Page a Mess?

Your website’s About Page is one of its most important features, but many times these pages are neglected. Many attorney websites feature just a few details, focusing more on providing legal tips and information to potential clients. Unfortunately, a scant, disorganized, or unappealing About Page can drive clients away. Remember, the first and primary reason people visit your site is to learn about you, your firm, and how you can help solve their problems. Your About Page is the perfect place on your site to share this information.

The best way to ensure your About Page is to keep it organized and filled with the information potential clients need to know. This information helps them determine if your firm is right for their needs and helps them feel comfortable reaching out to you with questions. The easier the About Page is to navigate and the better armed with information potential clients feel the likelier they are to make your firm their first choice when they need legal support.

How Do You Organize an Effective About Page?

The first step to creating an organized About Page is to determine what information you want to share. Once you have a list of details about you and your firm, divide it into categories. For instance, you might have a section for details about your career and your professional accomplishments, a section about your firm in general, and a section about your areas of expertise. Begin the page with details about you and your firm and funnel the content back to topics that concern your client directly. This builds confidence concerning your ability and details how that ability relates specifically to a potential client’s needs.

Next, make it very clear how potential clients can reach out to you for assistance. Basic contact information should be available on all pages of your site, but providing detailed information about how to contact you is an essential part of your About Page. Do you offer free consultations? Are you available for telephone consultations? Do clients visit your office or do you come to their home during the initial consultation? Knowing this information right from the start puts a potential client at ease, so it is important to include it on your About Page.

Finally, make your About Page visually appealing. The text must be easy to read and images should relate to your clients. For instance, three or four paragraphs concerning the information above, as well as two to three images of you meeting with current clients is an effective format for most About Pages. This is just a general guideline for designing an effective About Page, so your specific page might be different.

If you need assistance designing your About Page or you are ready to improve your legal website, we can help. Contact us for more information.

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