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Is your law firm website speed fast enough?

Did you know?

Fast loading websites not only make visitors happier they also appeal to Google.

Boosting the speed of your website is important for search engine rankings and gives a better overall impression of your site. Even if you change nothing else about your current site, you need to make sure it loads as quickly as possible.

If you website speed needs a boost, we can help.


Why is a Fast Website So Important?

A slow website can cost you as many as half of all site visitors.

People want information as quickly as possible and studies show when they have to wait about 50 percent of them leave and go somewhere else for what they need.

How long is too long?

The most impatient people click out of a site that doesn’t load in a second or two. The majority of people only wait about seven seconds for a site to load before leaving.

And once you get past the 10 second mark? You can assume anyone who wanted to learn more about your firm has left.

Not to mention people might not even find your site if it takes too long to load. The slower your site the lower your search engine rankings, which means a slow-to-load site might not even appear in search results, even if all other SEO criteria are met. Since 2010, Google has made page speed one of its primary criteria for ranking websites.

Page speed indirectly helps your search results, too. Site visitors are more likely to stick around if your pages load quickly – a trend Google will notice. The longer visitors interact with a site the higher it ranks.

Slow-to-load websites cut into your bottom line and hurt your business. Even a single second delay can cost you money – in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Google cares about website speed so we should too

Google formally announced via their Webmaster Central blog that speed is a factor in the ranking of the website.  See: Using page speed in mobile search ranking, Google Webmaster Central Blog: January 17, 2018

How Can Legal Web Design Boost Your Website Speed?

If you’re concerned about site speed, we can help.

We’ll evaluate your current site and determine if it’s loading fast enough. Then we’ll look at what’s slowing it down and how we can make changes that will produce noticeable results.

Website speed boost tasks include (if applicable):

  • Enabling browser compression
  • Optimizing and minimizing HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Updating browser and sever-side cache settings
  • Using a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Optimizing images
  • Streamlining widgets and plugins to load in a manner that prioritizes speed and visible content

Does your lawyer website need a speed boost?

There are several tools available to help you determine if your website is moving too slowly.  A good place to begin an assessment of your website speed is with a tool such as Google PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom.  If you find a problem:


As part of your free consultation Legal Web Design will

  • Test your website using Google Page Speed Insights and Pingdom Tools
  • Analyze the potential to improve your website speed with planning and modeling
  • Provide a flat-fee quote in writing for completion of the speed boost with guaranteed Google Page Speed insight benchmarks.

If we do not meet the benchmark speed expectations as provide in your written quote there is no fee!

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