Social Networking for Law Firms

Leverage the Power of Social Media for Law Firms

Can social networking sites like Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Twitter really help you to grow your law practice? Absolutely. Social media for law firms is now more important than ever.

The numbers don’t lie. More than 500 million people regularly log into their social media accounts – many of them daily. While some go online to catch up with friends and relatives, an increasing number turn to the internet for recommendations. Therefore, more people now use social media to find products, vendors, and even law firms.

No legal web design is complete without a comprehensive online marketing package, and that should include a plan to integrate social media for law firms. At Legal Web Design, we know how attorneys can get the most out of their social profiles.

How We Can Help You Use Social Media to Find More Clients and Gain a Larger Public Profile

  • Customizing Facebook and Twitter pages that reflect the look and feel of your attorney website
  • Sharing traffic and links between your social profiles, your blog posts, and your legal website to enhance your Internet marketing effectiveness
  • Creating content designed to enhance your online reputation, attract search engine traffic, and get potential clients to notice your law firm
  • Linking your legal practice to other groups and organizations that are recognized leaders in your field of law

Legal Web Design will show you how to create an effective online marketing plan for attorneys. For instance, we will guide you from the initial legal website design to making the most of your social media profiles.

If your practice is not taking advantage of the enormous marketing opportunity provided by social media for law firms,  you are not getting the most out of your attorney website. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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