Custom Legal Website Design

Stand above the crowd with custom legal web design.

When legal web design is on the docket, there is no room for compromise. With more lawyers than ever looking to the internet as a way to attract new clients, your attorney website must be interesting, professional, and unique all at the same time.

The team at Legal Web Design can help. As a creative agency founded by attorneys and specializing in attorney websites, we have quickly gained a reputation for unmatched results in the industry. We offer advantages including free consultations, up-front pricing, and comprehensive legal website online marketing plans because we know how important a new legal website is to you and your practice.

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Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) for Lawyers

Legal Web Design takes attorney website search engine marketing to the next level.

Search engine optimization for lawyers – attorney SEO for short – is becoming an increasingly important part of running a successful legal practice. That’s because today’s clients are no longer looking towards the Yellow Pages or print advertisements to find an attorney – they are turning to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If you want clients to find your practice instead of a competitor’s, you are going to need the right legal search engine optimization team on your side. It is getting harder than ever for a law firm to reach one of the premier search engine positions, and doing so takes more than just a few minor changes to your legal website. Legal Web Design helps you avoid mistakes and make the most of online marketing opportunities.

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Social Networking for Law Firms

Leverage the power of social networking for your law firm.

Can social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter really help you to grow your law practice?

The numbers do not lie: More than 500 million people regularly log into their social media accounts – many of them daily. While some go online to catch up with friends and relatives, an increasing number turn to the internet for recommendations on products, vendors, and even law firms.

No legal web design is complete without a comprehensive online marketing package, and that should include a plan for social media. At Legal Web Design, we know how attorneys can get the most out of their social profiles.

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Legal Web Hosting/Maintenance

Harness the full power of Legal Web Design’s law firm website hosting and management.

Although they are easy to overlook, hosting and management are important pieces of the attorney website design process. No matter how visually attractive your new legal website is, or what amount of programming went into it, it needs to be hosted on a fast, reliable, and accessible server in order to perform the way it is supposed to.

Fortunately, Legal Web Design provides the highest-quality legal website hosting and management service available.

Hosting and management services are available for our attorney website design clients, as well as those firms that simply want more reliability and service from their existing sites.

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SSL Secure Website Hosting for Attorneys

Website security is more important than ever.

Are you interested in protecting you and your clients’ personal information, while at the same time gaining an edge in Google search rankings?

Adding an SSL 2048-bit key certificate – better known as HTTPS or HTTP over TLS – to your website allows you to achieve both goals with a single upgrade.

Bad web security has gained attention in recent years as individuals and businesses have increasingly been the victims of criminals and governments seeking to acquire personal information. More and more, internet users – so just about everybody – is wondering how to keep personal, professional and financial details safe from prying eyes.

Legal Web Design helps you protect information and secure your site.

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Mobile Website Development

The web is going mobile. Are you?

More and more, the web is going mobile – a trend that has several implications for your legal website.

Clients are no longer coming to you through print directories or search engine access via desktop and laptop computers. Instead, they are getting to know your law practice on the go, visiting your attorney website through iPads, Androids, iPhones, and other mobile devices.

The market for mobile web users is currently more than 100 million men and women strong, and growing every day. Your attorney website needs to be accessible and user-friendly to these potential clients.

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Law Firm Website Receptionist and Live Chat

Live Chat changes everything.

For years now, marketing firms have been trying to help business owners increase profits by marketing products more efficiently.  This often includes a focus on website search engine optimization (SEO).

However, studies show that 97% of website visitors take no action. The visit and leave, never converting to a paying client. Only 3% of website visitors bother calling, scheduling an appointment, purchasing a product, or doing anything else that converts to profit.

The solution?

Add SiteStaff to your website and convert website visitors into leads and customers. By adding SiteStaff the average of visitor conversions can increase by 25% or more! We’ll help you take advantage of this tool and turn site visitors into leads.

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Website Content Writing for Attorneys

Content is king! Let Legal Web Design give your writing the royal treatment it deserves.

You’ve given your firm a digital presence through website design and social media. You understand the value of search engine optimization (SEO) for reaching potential new clients. You’re registering more and more site views with each passing month.

But when readers end up on your pages, do they like what they see?

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Quality content is a key to converting readers into clients. It increases your site’s integrity and boosts search engine rankings and traffic.

With each passing year, Google increases its emphasis on quality content. Your site’s success is built on quality copywriting. At Legal Web Design, we’ll help you create content that establishes credibility for a reasonable investment.

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Facebook for Lawyers

Facebook for Attorneys: 7 Tips For Using it to Grow Your Practice

With more than one billion users and growing, Facebook isn’t just the world’s most popular social media site, it is also a great online marketing tool for attorneys and law firms.

Using Facebook to find new clients and increase the size of your network takes more than simply setting up a profile, however. To use the site effectively, attorneys have to remember a handful of key tips and strategies.

We’ll help you create a Facebook presence and ensure your time on this powerful social media site is well invested.

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Twitter for Lawyers

5 Tips for Attorneys Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Is Twitter a great online marketing tool for your attorney website… or just a way to waste your time trying to find new clients with 140 characters or less?

The answer to that question depends a lot on how you use Twitter, as well as your approach to social media marketing in a bigger sense. That’s because, unlike other tools and ideas you might try, Twitter isn’t just about growing your law practice through advertisements – it’s all about engaging new potential clients and growing your list of followers to the point that others take notice and start to refer business your way.

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Google+ (Plus) Tips for Attorneys

Google+ Tips for Attorneys and Law Firms

Please note: Legal Web Design assists with the setup and management of Google+ pages, but does not have a service mark or trademark affiliation with the Google+ brand or any other Google-owned trademark.

In the past few years, social media marketing has become more important to lawyers, especially those looking to gather new clients from their attorney websites.  Google+ has rapidly earned a place in the crowded social media market.

We’ll help you establish a presence on Google+ and use it to grow your firm.

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LinkedIn For Lawyers

LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool for connecting professionals based on their skills and experience.

The site alerts users of new and potential connections and tells you how you might be connected with that person.  It creates a web of professional networking that can be extremely beneficial to your success.

Since the majority of users on LinkedIn are there to connect with potential clients and employers, you can avoid much of the personal exposure and unprofessionalism found on other social networks.

Let us help you set up a LinkedIn profile and begin using this platform to expand your professional network.

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Here is what you can expect when working with Legal Web Design

  • Easy

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    Personal, one-on-one attention from our designers and a dedicated project manager;

  • Plan

    A content managed attorney website that looks great and is easy to maintain, expand, or update;

  • Ideas

    A customized plan to promote your legal website, including ongoing search engine optimization and social media options;

  • Execution

    Follow-up and consultation is included with every website, so you will never have to look far for ideas to grow your legal practice.

  • Success

    A content managed attorney website that looks great and is easy to maintain, expand, or update;

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