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Facebook for Attorneys: 7 Tips For Using it to Grow Your Practice

With more than one billion users and growing, Facebook isn’t just the world’s most popular social media site, it is also a great online marketing tool for attorneys and law firms.

Using Facebook to find new clients and increase the size of your network takes more than simply setting up a profile, however. To use the site effectively, attorneys have to remember a handful of key tips and strategies.

We’ll help you create a Facebook presence and ensure your time on this powerful social media site is well invested.

Here are seven things attorneys can do to use Facebook as a tool to grow their practice:

1. Create a custom Facebook profile. Like a good suit, a custom Facebook profile helps you to stand out in a crowd. Your profile also enhances your professional credibility online. It takes very little, in terms of time and money, to get a custom Facebook page, but adds to the professional appearance of your Internet presence.

2. Know your goal. When you log into your Facebook account, your goal should be to post interesting content and make new connections. Think of it as more of a networking tool than a sales avenue, and you’ll have an easier time meeting potential clients.

3. Find the right tone. You must find the right voice when using social media to promote your attorney website. You want to be professional, but not aloof. Present yourself as an expert in your industry, but be approachable for those who have questions.

4. Post updates regularly. You do not have to spend your entire day on Facebook to make it work, but you should log in regularly to add new content and ideas. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time generating the kind of momentum it takes to build a strong social media following.

5. Choose your friends strategically. It goes without saying that you should add your clients and colleagues as friends, but consider other professionals (like accountants or physicians, for example) who could refer business your way. Be wary of adding anyone to your network who might hurt your credibility.

6. Be careful about sharing sensitive information. Privacy is a hot topic on the internet right now and for good reason: Clients and customers have increasing concerns about what’s shared on the internet for everyone to see. Always err on the side of caution when trying to decide what is appropriate to post on Facebook.

7. Link to your other profiles and websites. If you have an attorney website, blog, or other social media profiles,  link your Facebook account to them regularly. That is the easiest way to get the most mileage out of every post and update.

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