5 Tips for Attorneys Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Is Twitter a great online marketing tool for your attorney website… or just a way to waste your time trying to find new clients with 140 characters or less?

The answer to that question depends a lot on how you use Twitter, as well as your approach to social media marketing in a bigger sense. That's because, unlike other tools and ideas you might try, Twitter isn't just about growing your law practice through advertisements – it's all about engaging new potential clients and growing your list of followers to the point that others take notice and start to refer business your way.

With that in mind, here are five tips for attorneys who want to use Twitter as a marketing tool:

1. Bring something interesting to the discussion. Don't simply tweet a copy of something you've seen in five other places. Instead, try to find something humorous, unique, or insightful to share. As an attorney, your tweets don't have to be entertaining, but they should be interesting to potential clients.

2. Know the easiest path to attention. For a lawyer, the easiest way to pick up followers is by adding analysis or perspective to a piece of breaking news. Show the men and women who might work with you in the future how a new ruling or development could affect them down the road.

3. Multiply your efforts. By following the first two rules, you can accomplish two important things: First, you can grow your list of followers steadily over time, and second, you can get them to re-tweet what you've posted. As with all social media marketing, getting other people to pass on your content is one of the keys to long-term success.

4. Read it before you post it. Just as adding analysis to current events is the easiest way to boost your credibility, sending out tweets riddled with typos or factual errors is the fastest way to destroy your reputation online. Read your tweets carefully before you send them, and make sure they say what you really want them to.

5. Link early and often to your attorney website. Ultimately, few people are probably going to be interested enough in your tweets to meet with you based on them alone. That's why your tweets should link back to your attorney website, where they can find out more information about you, or even book a time for consultation.

Finding new clients through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites gets a lot easier when you have a proven plan of action. Contact the team legal web design today and let us show you how to use your attorney website to find new clients every month.