How to Optimize Your Website for Legal Keywords

January 28th, 2022 / Kelly / Reading Time: 3 minutes


keywords for website search optmization Are you wondering how to use keywords for website search optimization?

Legal search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of fine-tuning keywords and search phrases to increase your visibility on Google. If you’re wondering how to do this or you aren’t sure where to begin with keywords, this information can help.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the foundation of an optimized website. They are the tool that people use to find things online.

For example, if you were looking for information about wedding cakes in your area, you’d search Google for “wedding cake bakers near me” or “bakeries near me.”

Understanding the phrases your ideal client is using to find services like yours makes it easier to connect with them via their internet search.

There are five things you should focus on when dealing with keywords. If you get these things right, you have a good chance that your optimized legal website will attract the type of client you want calling your firm.

1. Backlinking

Backlinks are links from other sites to your site.

There are three kinds of links:

There are also several ways to attain backlinks:

  • Blog outreach
  • Social media
  • Manual submissions
  • Publishing articles (a variation of backlinking)

The process of building backlinks can be time-consuming and feel overwhelming to busy attorneys.

The good news is that any time or money you invest in the process pays off. Learning to use keywords for website search optimization and getting links focused on certain keywords is a great way to improve your online marketing ROI.

If you’d like to know more about backlinking, we can help.

2. Content

Google loves fresh content. This is why blogging on a regular schedule is such an important part of generating traffic.

Your content should be current, consistent, and creative. It should appeal to human readers and search engines alike. Content is one of the most powerful tools you have for using keywords for website search optimization, so if it’s been a while since you’ve updated your content, now is a good time to do so.

3. SEO

Keywords and SEO go hand-in-hand.

Search engine optimization is a direct way to optimize your website for legal keywords. SEO entails using your targeted keywords throughout your site in a natural way. The goal of keywords is to make sure Google can read your site and understand exactly what you’re talking about. This is key to ensuring it search engines send traffic your way.

4. On-Page SEO

This might be the most important aspect of using keywords to ensure your website is successful.

It includes issues such as:

  • Page titles
  • URL structure
  • Meta descriptions and more

It’s one of the most technical sides of SEO and keyword use and is something that tends to trip up business owners who are not SEO experts. If you’d like to analyze your on-page SEO and make improvements where they’re needed, we can help.

5. Keywords

Finally, you’ll want to take a good, long look at your keyword selection.

  • Are you using keywords that are helpful for your firm?
  • Have you chosen keywords that have a high search volume and that are easy to rank for?
  • Are your keywords too general or are they not targeting your geographic location?

These are all important things to consider when improving your SEO and use of keywords. Any attempt to optimize your site should include an audit of your keywords.

Want to Learn More About Using Keywords for Website Search Optimization?

If you’d like to know more about using keywords for website search optimization or you’re ready to schedule a consultation, give us a call!

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