COVID-19 Help for Lawyers: Three Things Your Law Firm Can Do to Survive

COVID-19 Help for Lawyers Businesses throughout the country and around the world have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Law firms are no exceptions. Many firms have implemented procedures to protect employees and clients, many of which have people working from home and meeting with clients via teleconference. Many need COVID-19 help for lawyers. What […]

Top 5 Ways to Spend Your Law Firm’s Marketing Budget this Year

The money you have to invest in marketing is one of your law firm’s best resources but figuring out how to invest that money wisely takes some thought. What are the best ways to spend your law firm marketing budget? Unless your firm is a rare exception, you don’t want to invest a chunk of […]

Is Your Firm Making the Most of These SEO Trends?

SEO trends are constantly changing and keeping up when you’re busy can be a daunting task. If your plan is to handle the SEO for your law firm on your own, it’s best to choose just a few trends you think will work best and focus on those. But even SEO professionals sometimes struggle to […]

Law Firm Testimonials and Reviews: How Happy Clients Help You Grow Your Business

People have always used the opinions of others to help them make buying decisions. Today, those testimonials and reviews are more important than ever – and shared online. Review sites allow people to quickly and easily share their thoughts on businesses. And while some business owners find this intimidating, it’s actually one of the best […]

Why Your Firm Needs More than a Generic Attorney SEO Formula

If you’re lost when it comes to attorney SEO and your website, there are plenty of resources available to help you. Unfortunately, not all of these resources are created equally. And if you’ve stumbled into an SEO scam and learned things the hard way, you’re likely overwhelmed by all of the options and trying to […]

Is Your Site Repelling Mobile Users? Here’s How to Get a Mobile-Friendly Website!

More and more these days people access the internet via a mobile device and expect to find a mobile-friendly website when they search for information. Estimates show within the next year nearly 65% of all internet users will be on a mobile device, which means if your site is not mobile-ready, you are pushing away […]

Two Weeks to Better SEO for Your Law Firm Website

Mastering SEO for your law firm website doesn’t need to take forever. Here are a few simple tips that can help you reach your SEO goals in just a couple of weeks. Law firms invest a lot of time and money into SEO and for good reason. The better a firm’s site ranks the more […]

Five Keys to Email Marketing Success

Think email marketing is an effective way to reach out to clients? Here’s what you need to know. Reaching out to clients via email is a great way to keep in touch. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter or you’re sharing information about a specific program or event, you’re sending a reminder without being too intrusive […]

Why the Second Half of the Year is the Perfect Time to Update Your Legal Website Design

If you’ve been putting off updating your legal website design, now is the time to take action. The second half of the year is a great opportunity to tackle those projects from your to-do list that took a backseat to your beginning of the year goals. Tackling an update now can save you time, money, […]

“NewsJacking” to Increase Inbound Traffic

A popular adage holds that there are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. But from a marketing standpoint, it’s possible to add another type to this list: those who capitalize on what happens. The term “newsjacking” was popularized […]

Study: Yelp is the Most Popular and Trusted Attorney Review Website

You’ve probably used the online review website Yelp to help you evaluate local dining, shopping, and entertainment as well as things like schools, health clubs, and mechanics. Indeed, it seems that few establishments are able to fly under the Yelp radar…and this includes a law practice. While you may not be all that surprised to […]

Podcasting for Law Firms

Tucked away in the pages of a recent social media marketing report is a little-used social media platform that appears poised to make leaps and bounds in the coming year. Podcasts—digital media files made available for download and produced in a series, much like a radio program—are currently used only by about 6% of marketers, […]

Google Voice Search and SEO

Following in the footsteps of Siri—the voice-activated search on iPhones—Google last year rolled out Google Voice, which is now available on both mobile and PC-based versions of Chrome, Google’s popular web browser. While still in its early stages, voice search is growing in popularity and promises to reshape the search engine optimization (SEO) landscape. Optimizing […]

How to Address a Penalty Caused by Penguin

If there is one thing that can send a website owner into a spiral of confusion and hysteria, it is a Google algorithm update. Algorithm updates happen frequently, but there more intensive instances during the year that can have a significant impact on website rankings. Even the smallest dip in a site’s rankings can be detrimental […]

A Few Easy Ways to Promote Your Legal Website

Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools. As you already know, people search online for basic and detailed information before buying a product or choosing to do business with a firm. Unfortunately, even the best site in the world does no good if people are unable to find it. One of the […]

The Importance of Writing Good Legal Content for Your Website

As an attorney, you already understand the importance of writing excellent legal content. Unfortunately, with all the legal writing you do for your clients, finding time to write content for your website can be difficult. In addition, because many attorneys are focused on “legalese,” often times they are not best equipped to write content attractive […]

Happy New Year

Thank you for another great year at Legal Web Design (our 15th)! Every year during the holiday season we donate to charities and encourage others to get in the giving spirit as well. This year we supported the following charities. Please click on the links below to visit their websites: Make A Wish Foundation Kempe […]

Does Your Website Give You Authority in Your Industry?

Having a website and having a website that accomplishes your business goals are two different things. Any law firm can build a site that provides basic information. There are also fast and cheap ways to fill a site with content, but these options are rarely enough to create a quality site. For a site to […]

Does Your Blog Feature Timeless Content?

Keeping a blog current and filled with relevant, high-quality content is a blogger’s biggest challenge. This is especially true for people using a blog to promote their business, as opposed to those who blog for a living. Blogs are a great tool for attracting attention to a firm, but an attorney’s daily priorities must focus […]

Five SEO Tips for Attorneys

SEO can seem like a black-hole confusion, especially when your full-time efforts are not focused on your website. Fortunately, there are several simple things attorneys can do to improve their SEO without turning optimization into a major undertaking. Implementing these five tips can enhance your website and product measurable results for your firm. 1. Use […]

Are you targeting your ideal client?

One of the most important things any business owner must do is reach the correct target audience. All the marketing in the world will do no good if it does not appeal to the people with whom you most want to work. This is especially true for attorneys because they have such narrowly defined ideal […]

Should you Include Video Content on Your Website

People not using Internet marketing to make a full-time living often feel overwhelmed by how quickly developments come to pass in the industry. Some business owners are just getting on board with having a website and using a blog, but they already feel behind because there are so many other strategies they are not yet […]

Is an Email Newsletter a Good Idea?

Keeping in touch with clients is a great way to generate business. Not only do you stay fresh in a current client’s mind so they think of you when legal support is needed, but you also make it easier for them to refer you to other potential clients. Reaching out on a consistent basis to […]

Web Design Mistakes Lawyers Should Avoid

Creating a website is challenging work, which is why many companies have mediocre sites. When you first begin building or revamping your firm’s site the experience can seem overwhelming. There is a lot you need to know and do, but if you organize the information, the process becomes much easier. Understanding the most common mistakes […]

Is Your About Page a Mess?

Your website’s About Page is one of its most important features, but many times these pages are neglected. Many attorney websites feature just a few details, focusing more on providing legal tips and information to potential clients. Unfortunately, a scant, disorganized, or unappealing About Page can drive clients away. Remember, the first and primary reason […]

5 Ways to Expand Your Legal Website

The best websites for attorneys provide information to potential clients to help them determine if a law firm is the right choice for them. This means attorneys and their website designers must work together to create sites containing enough information to put clients at ease. The information needs to be organized and easy to read, […]

5 Ways Attorneys Can Grow Their Online Presence Using Social Media

Social media is a hot topic and most people in the Internet marketing world believe using some form of social media is necessary for growing a successful legal practice. There are even social media experts who focus solely on running social media campaigns for attorneys. Whether you are trying to generate new business or you […]

Internet Marketing for Attorneys – The Importance of Fresh Content for your Website

If you invested any time researching what it takes to build a successful website for your business, you already know the importance of content. As the saying goes, “content is king.” It has become a cliché, but there is truly great value in content. In past years, website owners could toss any type of writing […]

Law Firm SEO Made Simple

For years designers have used complicated tricks to improve the rank of a site by outsmarting the algorithms used by Google and other search engines. The process was a mystery to the average person and they put the fate of their site into the hands of designers that seemed part technical guru and part sorcerer. […]

Responsive Web Design for Attorneys

There is a lot of information available regarding the specifics of responsive web design. Articles discuss coding and creating sites that are responsive, and include extreme details for those designing sites. Unfortunately, the information is limited regarding why business owners should consider responsive design. It is difficult for non-designers to grasp just how important responsive […]

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