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For years designers have used complicated tricks to improve the rank of a site by outsmarting the algorithms used by Google and other search engines. The process was a mystery to the average person and they put the fate of their site into the hands of designers that seemed part technical guru and part sorcerer.

Those days have passed and many of those old tricks can actually get your site penalized nowadays. Some design tactics are still effective, but high-ranking sites require more than just elaborate design and coding. Ensuring your site ranks well, preferably on the first page of search results, is a process. It starts with great design, but continues with building a strong web presence. Google and other search engines are looking for sites with an authoritative voice and valuable information for visitors.

As a busy lawyer, you need your designer and Internet marketing professionals more than ever before. The tricks for getting a site ranked high are no longer secret, but they are extremely time-consuming. Building a strong web presence and ensuring your site is noticed by potential clients searching for legal assistance requires a team of Internet experts.

How do you ensure your site ranks well? What does an effective SEO campaign require?

Quality Website Design

Hopefully your site is in good shape, but if not, now is the time to clean it up. The best sites not only look great and are user-friendly they also contain plenty of great content. Keywords and phrases are still important, but so is quality writing. The more information your site offers visitors the more likely they are to find the site and stick around once they arrive.


One of the best ways to build a collection of quality content on your site is to blog. Blogging allows you to offer insight on current legal events and provide valuable information to those looking for legal advice. It also offers a look into your website and puts a personal spin on things. Clients are more comfortable reaching out to lawyers when they feel as if they already know a little about them personally.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most overwhelming aspects of optimizing your site and building a strong web presence. It is essential for driving traffic to your website. As a matter of fact, Google has stated it will rank sites higher when they are affiliated with a Google+ social media account. In addition to Google+, you can also incorporate Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Each of these gives you an opportunity to reach new clients and establish yourself online as an authority in your field.

Do you have questions about using SEO effectively or are you ready to launch your blog or social media campaign? Contact us for more information.

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