Law Firm Testimonials and Reviews: How Happy Clients Help Grow Your Business

January 28th, 2019 / Legal Web Design LLC / Reading Time: 2 minutes

Law Firm Testimonials.People have always used the opinions of others to help them make buying decisions. Today, law firm testimonials and reviews are more important than ever – and shared online. Review sites allow people to quickly and easily share their thoughts on businesses. And while some business owners find this intimidating, it’s actually one of the best ways to spread the word and let others know about your business.

How can you use testimonials and reviews to grow your firm?

Post reviews directly on your website.

After working with a client, ask for feedback. They can provide it via email, a handwritten note, or verbally. With their permission include what they’ve said on your site. Be sure to attribute it to the client along with his or her home city or town.

Link to third-party reviews of your firm.

In addition to asking clients directly for testimonials, you can visit consumer review sites, including Yelp, LinkedIn, and Google. These reviews can be linked to your site.

The advantage to featuring client law firm testimonials on your site is that it gives everyone visiting a chance to see how people felt about working with your firm. You can also choose the best reviews to feature and use ones pertaining to specific practice areas on a given page.

Should You Solicit Law Firm Testimonials?

There are varying opinions on whether or not soliciting reviews is necessary or appropriate. In most cases, it doesn’t do any harm to ask a client for feedback about their time working with you. Most business owners do this even if they do not intend to share that information with the general public.

Letting clients know that what they say might be shared or asking if you have their permission to share what they’ve said is just a small addition to asking for feedback. Most clients expect that a glowing review will be shared when they provide it anyway.

As long as you aren’t harassing clients for positive reviews, there shouldn’t be a problem asking for feedback.

It’s also important to realize that exchanging services free of charge for positive reviews is unethical. Keep your solicitation focused solely on gathering feedback so you can improve your practice and on sharing information with potential clients.

Dealing with Negative Law Firm Testimonials

Many business owners, attorneys and otherwise, are reluctant to dive into the world of online reviews and testimonials because they have concerns about negative reviews.

Negative reviews are bound to happen. No business can make every single client 100 percent satisfied, even if that’s their goal.

The important thing about dealing with negative testimonials and reviews is to try to make the situation right after a mistake happens. Address the issue. Be public about making the situation right by responding to the negative comment.

The worst thing you can do if your firm receives a negative review is to ignore it.

Making the Most of Law Firm Testimonials and Reviews

If the idea of promoting your firm with law firm testimonials and reviews seems too time-consuming to you, we can help. Contact us to learn more about incorporating positive feedback you receive from clients into your website and online marketing strategy.

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