Why Your Law Firm Website Design Is So Important

Content may be king, but the navigational principles and design layout of your website is also very important. A visitor to your website will build a very strong opinion about how easily information can be accessed on your website within the first few seconds of landing on the site. That immediately determines how much time a visitor will spend on your website.

While your website must be pleasing on the eyes, it is even more important that it be easy to use and navigate. Your website design must be based on the convenience of the user, and not your convenience.

One major mistake that many law firms make is designing their website to look like an ode to the firm, and not catering to user experience. Provide a landing page that gives visitors information they need. For instance, for a bankruptcy law firm, you should be links and navigation to advice on avoiding foreclosure, or guides to Chapter 11 restructuring. The idea is to have a website that while it reflects your corporate ethos and your practice, is user-friendly and helps prospective clients.

There may be certain topics that visitors to your website find most useful. These must be placed as prominently as possible on the main page, with tabs linking users to these pages in order to make them easy to access.

Your website must also offer users access to other promotional materials and information about your company. This can include links that direct users to monthly newsletters, e-books, guides, and other resources.

Make contact information and calls-to-action visible and prominent on the website. Strategically placed contact us information, or an option to call the law firm is a necessity. If you offer a 24-hour live chat support service, the chat box should also be clearly and visibly placed so it is accessible, but not intrusive.

The goal of good law firm website design is to ensure that the visitor stays on the website as long as possible, and learns more about your firm, thereby increasing the chances that he will take the next step – making that first call.

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