No Bad Days Foundation Helps Kids Get Medical Equipment; New Site Built by Legal Web Design

No Bad Days LogoLegal Web Design is a proud sponsor of the No Bad Days Foundation. We recently helped build a website for them and we’re thrilled to share their mission with you.

The No Bad Days Foundation supports children with medical disabilities who have been denied access to life-enhancing devices and equipment that insurance companies don’t deem “medically necessary.” The foundation works with families throughout Brevard County to help them raise funds to buy the much-needed equipment.

The foundation’s goal is to make the lives of kids living with medical challenges and the lives of their families just a bit easier by providing access to things that will help them avoid having any more bad days.

No Bad Days is a 501(c)(3) organization and all of the money they collection goes directly to the children and their families.

The foundation hosts an annual Kickin’ It For Hope kickball tournament and family fun day and all of the money raised from the event goes to help the children. The event provides plenty of great sponsorship opportunities if you’re a business owner hoping to get involved and support this great cause.

If you would like to know more about No Bad Days or you’re a family in Brevard County in need of assistance for your child, or you’re wondering how you can help, check out their website at Or you can contact them directly at

Have questions about their website? Give us a call at 888-480-3585 or sign up for a free consultation here. You can also reach out to us if you’re interested in updating your website or you need tips on how to make the most of online marketing opportunities.

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