Are you targeting your ideal client?

One of the most important things any business owner must do is reach the correct target audience. All the marketing in the world will do no good if it does not appeal to the people with whom you most want to work. This is especially true for attorneys because they have such narrowly defined ideal clients. There are only so many problems you are qualified to fix, so you need to create a marketing plan as focused as possible. Doing this online is a tough challenge because of the worldwide reach of the Internet. Fortunately, it is possible to target specific types of clients with your website and other online marketing efforts it just takes a bit of planning.

Location of Your Ideal Clients

Most attorneys work with clients who are geographically located near their office. As is the case especially with the legal profession, location is a matter of the law. Laws vary from state to state, so if you are licensed to practice and have experience in a particular state, your clients should hail from that location and your website content should be focused on matters that are specific to your geographic region. On of the first steps in developing a successful local marketing plan is to determine your geographic market and use SEO and other online marketing techniques to focus on attracting website visitors searching in your area.

Needs of Your Ideal Clients

As a legal firm you can only do so much to help clients. You should target clients who have legal needs, but more specifically, you want clients whose legal needs match your area of expertise. If you practice family law, help clients struggling with legal issues related to marriage, divorce, and child custody. Attorneys specializing in bankruptcy help clients with financial issues or whose businesses are struggling. When building your online marketing plan and developing content for your website, think clearly about your ideal client’s needs and how you can specifically shape your message to appeal to this group of people and their anticipated legal needs.

Repeat Business from Your Ideal Clients

Would your practice benefit from repeat business or does your firm work with clients who need you only once or twice in a lifetime? If your goal is to gain repeat business from clients, you need to build relationships. Your marketing message can help you do this. Certain firms benefit more than others from ongoing relationships with clients, so if building these relationships is your goal, make sure your website and online marketing plan helps you achieve this.

If you are intersted in building a website targeted to your ideal clients, we can help. Reach the people with whom you most want to work. Contact us today for more information.

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