Does Your Website Give You Authority in Your Industry?

Having a website and having a website that accomplishes your business goals are two different things. Any law firm can build a site that provides basic information. There are also fast and cheap ways to fill a site with content, but these options are rarely enough to create a quality site. For a site to truly be worth the money you invest and be a valuable marketing tool, it must help to establish your firm as an authority in the industry. If your site fails to do this, it is a wasted resource. Luckily, there are a few additions and changes you can make to a site that are simple, but still have a major impact.

Launch a Blog or Improve the Existing One

If a law firm website lacks a frequently updated blog, it is missing out on one of its best online marketing opportunities available. Unfortunately, too many sites use recycled content that offers very little to site visitors. The best blogs share new ideas and insights on the latest developments in an industry. Ideally, an attorney will use his or her blog to express opinions on current events in the legal industry. This accomplishes several things:

• It shows a lawyer is on top of the latest news
• It educates visitors to the site
• It personalizes the message without making it unprofessional
• It creates a memorable impression of an attorney for those visiting the site

The start of a new year is the perfect time to brainstorm ideas for the upcoming months on your blog. A flexible editorial schedule enables you to keep content fresh and regularly updated, but still leaves room to change course and comment on the latest news.

Also do your best to make the blog interactive. Encourage readers to comment and respond to those comments. Creating an on-going dialogue with readers is another opportunity to establish your voice. Responding to blog comments shows you are attentive and excited about working with people.

Offer Something Visitors Can Take Away

Everyone loves to get something for free, right? This is a popular marketing strategy that can also help to establish your firm as a leader in its industry. Does your firm specialize in a particular type of case or client? This makes you an expert and you need to find effective ways to communicate this expertise to site visitors.

Creating an ebook or white paper on a specific topic not only gives potential clients usable information, it also gives you a chance to showcase your experience and knowledge. Visitors to your site download the materials and feel as if they are walking away with something for nothing. You are giving them something tangible that helps them learn more about your industry and your practice, and this leaves a major impression on them.

Create Video Content

The popularity of featuring videos on websites is growing. It is an especially good tactic for law firms because it helps potential clients feel at ease. Meeting with an attorney can be an intimidating experience, but watching a video beforehand takes away some of the mystery. Instead of walking into a meeting wit you having no idea what to expect, they already feel as if they know you and are familiar with the environment.

Are you looking for other ways to enhance your law firm’s website and really use it to establish your authority? We can help. Contact Legal Web Design for more information about how you can turn your site into a valuable marketing tool and one that potential clients turn to for information.

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