Law Firm Website Design Inspiration – Does Your Landing Page Need Improvement?

August 17th, 2016 / Legal Web Design LLC / Reading Time: 3 minutes

Law Firm Website Design Inspiration Landing Pages.Law Firm Website Design Inspiration – Where to Start?

If you are looking for law firm website design inspiration, you might start by asking yourself a series of questions. Is your law firm landing page producing less than stellar results? Have you avoided creating a landing page for fear it would seem too pushy or unprofessional? Your concerns are valid. Landing pages, when done correctly, are an effective way to build relationships with potential clients. They can also act as the first step in establishing you as an expert in your particular field.

The key to building a great landing page is to not overwhelm to visitors with information and requests. This can seem spammy. These types of landing pages might work for some. However, if they make you cringe when you think of connecting your brand to them they aren’t right for you.

Choosing Your Landing Page’s Goal

For law firm website design inspiration, you don’t have to look further than your landing page. It’s possible to create an effective landing page that makes you proud, but first you must determine its goal and take the time to craft the perfect page. By establishing a single focus and ensuring the page leads visitors in the direct, you create a very effective tool for your business.

When you’re selling a service, the goal of your landing page is to get visitors to provide contact information so you can continue a relationship with them. Many people use offers to push visitors from the landing page to action, which can be effective for you, too. The key to using an offer effectively is to make it for something that has value or is truly wanted by the visitor. Don’t assume just because something is free it will appeal to everyone – instead you need to determine what people want.

A good way to do this is to collect information about current and former visitors to your site. Based on search terms, are the majority of them looking for information on a particular topic? Consider using this insight to write an ebook on the most popular search term subjects affiliated with your site.

You can also gather information offline to determine what it is people need from your site. Are you getting a lot of calls about a current event or issue in the news? You can offer more information in exchange for what you want from your site visitors.

Make Sure the Landing Page is Organized in an Appealing Manner

Great landing pages have strong headlines (both graphically and in terms of content) and they are further organized with subheadings. The main headlines are meant to make a powerful impact, while subheads go into further details about what you can provide. A great way to organize subheadings is to focus on the benefits of what you can provide site visitors.

Think of your landing page as you would a funnel with multi-layers. As visitors pass through one layer to the next, you are driving home the benefits of making the next move. By the end, the readers who remain who haven’t taken action have no choice but to do so because the benefits are undeniable.

Focus on Your Call to Action

Finally, you want to make sure whatever calls to action you include in your landing page are clear and direct. The worst thing you can do is provide a page of content detailing the benefits of working with you, only to leave visitors wondering what to do next.

Sometimes it is this assertiveness that makes people uncomfortable, especially when selling their service essentially means selling themselves. The trouble is when you try to be evasive and avoid pushiness on a landing page, your request is lost. Often, the simplest directions such as “enter your email to receive for our monthly newsletter,” or “call us to schedule a consultation,” work the best.

More Law Firm Website Design Inspiration

If you think a landing page could help you establish better relationships with potential clients or for more law firm website design inspiration, contact Legal Web Design.

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