Measles, MVPs & Mounds of Snow: How Current Events Make Blogs Better

What if I told you there’s an easy answer to all your law firm blogging woes and it’s on your TV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? That’s right: the news.

Current events make blogs better. That’s especially true in the law firm marketing context, where the whole point of blogging is to strengthen your connection to clients and bolster your standing in the search results.

Current events blogging serves both goals in a number of wonderfully effective ways. We’ll look at a few them below, and then we’ll offer up some sample topics based on current current events. It’s as easy as ABC (errr— CNN).

Why Current Events Blogging Makes Sense for Law Firm Marketing

Here are six great reasons why every lawyer should make a commitment to current events blogging:

“If You Blog It, They Will Come” — People are already searching for hot news topics. You should have a page waiting for them. At Legal Web Design, we’re often able to get your blog articles listed in Google News and similar search directories — a great tool for inbound traffic!

Links Are for Leveraging — When you blog about current events, you have a strategic opportunity to organically incorporate highly cited sources like Forbes or The New York Times within your article. (See what we did there?) That kind of linkage tells Google that your website is a good source for information and direction.

All Politics is Local — National news stories are effective, but it’s a good idea to periodically cover local events too. You’ll target your client base directly and establish that you’re in tune with the communities you serve. Google’s robots will learn to associate your site with those communities too.

“The More You Know” — You’re busy. Maybe you don’t have time to keep up with the news like you should. Blogging about current events keeps you plugged in, which in turns facilitates water-cooler conversation with colleagues and clients. That’s good for business. Our clients often tell us that they feel newly educated when they read the blogs we send them — it’s like a bonus service!

Current Events are Legal Parables — As you know, clients sometimes have a hard time understanding complex legal issues. Unfortunately, that might mean they assume they don’t have a case and never make that multimillion-dollar phone call. But current events with a legal bent can lend real-world context to otherwise esoteric issues. They also demonstrate that you understand the seemingly mysterious legal underpinnings of today’s hottest news items.

Hot Topics Make for Good Reading — People like to read about the new-and-now. If they’re talking about it at the water cooler, they’re looking for it online. An interesting blog is infinitely more valuable than a generic marketing feed. Give people articles so hot, fascinating, and well written that they want to share them on Facebook or email them to friends.

Examples: Current Events Blogging & Law Firm Marketing

Wondering how to connect current events to your own subject matter? Here are a few recent examples:

• Topic: Measles outbreak. Issues: Theme park liability; Doctor liability for improper treatment/diagnosis; Liability of parents who don’t vaccinate their children; Important measles information for immigrants (for immigration law attorneys); FAQ about your state’s law on vaccinations.

• Topic: Super Bowl. Issues: School sports safety and liability; Traumatic brain injury / concussion; MRI errors; Domestic violence (civil and/or criminal); Legality of betting on games; Taxation issues relating to betting/gambling; Trademark/IP issues related to use of “Super Bowl” and/or advertising; Employment discrimination based on team fandom (a funny, hypothetical topic you can use to discuss weightier employment law topics).

• Topic: Snowy weather. Issues: Safe driving in winter weather; Snow-related auto accidents; Snow-related pedestrian accidents; Government liability for weather-related accidents; Insurance bad faith related to denied claims; Employees disciplined for missing work due to snow; School liability for failing to cancel class; Premises liability; Slip and fall; Estate planning (“as long as you’re snowed in, take the time to discuss your estate plan with your family”).

Get Weekly or Monthly Current Events Blogs Delivered to Your Inbox

Current events aren’t the only thing you should blog about, but they’re sure to bolster your firm’s web presence — so long as they’re done properly.

At Legal Web Design, we work with only the very best legal copywriters on the market. You can count on us to deliver high-quality, interesting, relevant, and SEO-effective blog articles. Contact us right away to learn more about our legal blogging and copywriting solutions.

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