Is Your Site Repelling Mobile Users? Here’s How to Get a Mobile-Friendly Website!

August 20th, 2018 / Kelly / Reading Time: 2 minutes

How To Make Existing Website Mobile Friendly.Is Your Site Repelling Mobile Users?

Have you ever wondered how to make an existing website mobile friendly? More and more these days people access the internet via a mobile device and expect to find a mobile-friendly website when they search for information. For instance estimates show within the next year nearly 65% of all internet users will be on a mobile device, which means if your site is not mobile-ready, you are pushing away potential clients.

What can you do to ensure your site is optimized for those visiting via a mobile device?

Check Your Load Time

Does your site load as fast on a desktop as it does on a mobile device? Could you make improvements to help it load even faster?

People rarely have the patience to wait for a site to load anymore, especially when they are using a mobile device. Therefore, the faster the better. So take advantage of current trends that lean toward a simple, streamlined site design.

Appealing Structure

Another reason to consider streamlining and making a mobile-friendly website is to give it an overall mobile-friendly aesthetic. Too many drop-down menus, images, and quotes can make a site cumbersome and difficult to use. Therefore, a minimalistic design that is uncluttered is your best bet.

To learn more about minimalism in website design, check out this article from The Next Web.

Avoid Pop-ups and Flash

Pop-ups and flash are annoying no matter the device, but they are especially troublesome when accessing a site via a mobile device. Some mobile devices do not even support Flash. Features on your mobile-friendly website should be universally supported and easy to use.

Focus on Prominent Calls-to-Action

For desktop users, calls-to-action can be viewed as subtle encouragement to take the next step. For mobile users, subtle is never the best way to go. Make calls-to-action on each page prominent and easy to understand. It must be as simple and straightforward as possible for someone to take action when using a mobile device.

Avoid Mis-Clicks

Nothing is more frustrating for website visitors and business owners than mis-clicks. Unfortunately, many of the too-small graphics on sites designed for desktops trigger mis-clicks. Avoid “fat finger syndrome” and skewed metrics by using a design that is broad and easy to click on to achieve a desired action.

SEO Optimization

Sites designed with mobile users in mind must not forget the importance of SEO. Consider how search engines will read and rank your mobile-friendly website, just as you did with the desktop site.

For more tips on improving SEO for your site, check out this blog post.

For more tips on how to make an existing website mobile friendly or for help with using your site as your most powerful marketing tool, contact Legal Web Design.

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