Why the Second Half of the Year is the Perfect Time to Update Your Legal Website Design

If you’ve been putting off updating your legal website design, now is the time to take action. The second half of the year is a great opportunity to tackle those projects from your to-do list that took a backseat to your beginning of the year goals. Tackling an update now can save you time, money, and frustration, and ensure your firm is ready to head into 2019 set for growth.

What are some of the best reasons for updating your site as we head into fall?

Everyone Else is Focused on Finishing In-Progress Projects and Winding Down for the Year

Despite only being a little more than halfway through 2018, many businesses are beginning to wind down for the year. They might still have a lot of items to check off on their to-do list, but their approach is to not start anything new for fear of not being able to finish before the holiday rush begins.

Though this works for a lot of firms, it also means it’s an opportunity for you to take advantage of this attitude. The end of the third quarter and throughout the fourth quarter is the perfect time to tackle a larger project like a legal website design update. And there’s still plenty of time to finish before you and your team want to step away and slow down for the holidays.

Designers Tend to Have More Time and Can Provide More Focused Attention

Because so many firms aren’t as gung-ho in the latter half of the year, it gives you an opportunity to take advantage of the less-than-busy season for designers. Designers have less on their plates so they can provide more one-on-one attention to your firm.

Not to mention, the best designers that might not have room in their schedule to take on your needs at the beginning of the year are likely to be available later in the year when things slow down.

You’ll Have Plenty of Time to Launch in Time for the New Year

Focusing on a legal website design update now means you’ll be ready to launch in time for the New Year.

This means you’ll have a fresh, new site while other firms are just getting started with updates. They’ll be running to catch up with you, giving you an advantage online and in your everyday operations.

You’ll Avoid Any New Year Price Increases

Businesses tend to roll out price increases at the beginning of the year, which means updating your site now is the more budget-friendly option.

Finding a designer and getting things locked in now helps you save in general, and also helps you avoid an end-of-year rush to make a decision in order to save. You can take your time making a decision and still enjoy 2018 pricing.

How Do You Know Now is the Time for a Site Update?

So let’s say you’re eager to take advantage of the benefits of updating your site before the end of the year arrives, but you aren’t even sure an update is needed at this time.

How do you know it’s time for a website update in general?

Your law firm site lacks responsive design.

Your site needs to be compatible with all forms of access – smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It needs to respond as you want it to no matter how potential client access it.

People use all kinds of devices and your site needs to give them the information they want in an attractive and easy-to-read format if they’re going to take the next step. Responsive design makes this possible and is a must for any law firm website.

If you’d like to know more about responsive design and its benefits, check out this post.

Your law firm website is outdated or not user-friendly.

In addition to being accessible on all devices, your site needs to be easy to navigate in general. It also needs to load fast and make the process of contacting your firm as easy as possible.

If you aren’t sure whether your site is as good as it can be, you might want to look into a professional audit. This can provide you with information about where you are now and what could help your attorney website become your strongest marketing tool.

Your law firm website doesn’t reflect your brand.

Your site is can be a powerful marketing tool, but it needs to convey the right message to potential clients. A legal website design update helps you make sure your site is on brand and telling people what you want them to know about your firm.

If you’d like more information about building a brand for your firm, check out this article from Lawyerist.com.

If you’re ready for an update or you’re wondering what can be done to improve your site, give us a call!

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