Is Your Firm Making the Most of These Lawyer SEO Trends?

Law firm SEO marketing trends.Lawyer SEO Trends

Lawyer SEO trends are constantly changing and keeping up when you’re busy can be a daunting task. If your plan is to handle the SEO for your law firm on your own, it’s best to choose just a few trends you think will work best and focus on those.

But even SEO professionals sometimes struggle to determine which trends work best for which websites. When trying to do this for law firm websites, especially when your primary focus isn’t how search engines work, it can be especially challenging.

If you’re not sure where to begin, consider evaluating what competing firms are doing in terms of SEO. This gives you an idea of what is working right now and what considerations are important.

In addition to figuring out how other firms are using SEO, you can capitalize on the most significant trends in search.

Here are a few examples of improvements you can make to capitalize on SEO trends in the coming months:

Evaluate the Expectations of Your Specific Audience

You’ve likely invested time in identifying your ideal client. Now you can use that information to determine which lawyer SEO trends will appeal most to them.

For instance, are they looking for significant amounts of information concerning a particular legal topic? Do they have time to watch videos about a particular subject?

Understanding what someone is expecting to find when they search a word or phrase related to your firm allows you to give them the answer in the simplest way possible. They’re more likely to click through to your firm’s site and stay on the site gathering the information they need when you provide it to them in the manner that makes them comfortable

Optimize for Voice Search

More and more people these days are using voice search on their mobile and in-home devices. As more people incorporate Alexa, Echo, and Google Home into their everyday lives voice search is expected to increase in popularity. Searching for information is convenient and safe, even when you’re doing other things when you use voice search.

While it might not be the top way people search for law firms and information on attorneys, it’s still important that you consider this SEO trend when optimizing your site.

Consistently Add Valuable Content to Your Site

Quality content isn’t a new trend, but it’s more important than ever.

You need to do more than just acquire links and post content for the sake of posting it. And more no longer equals better automatically. Quality over quantity is preferred by Google and other search engines.

Content needs to help the reader solve a problem. Posts should help them solve a problem, boost your reputation online, enhance the community in some way, or motivate the reader to reach out to you for more information.

Your end goal should be helping a human instead of SEO-focused. Nowadays, the lawyer SEO benefits can come naturally when you write for a human audience.

Improve Technical Issues with Lawyer SEO

Technical SEO trends include those things done “behind the scenes” that might not be noticeable to a site’s average visitor but it still has a major impact on how the site is viewed by Google.

For instance, if your site loads too slowly it’s going to affect search engine optimization. The same is true if you have any other technical issues on your site that make it less user-friendly. There could by any number of issues affecting the performance of your site. Now is a good time to do an analysis and determine what can be improved.

Provide Immediate Assistance Automatically

Another way you can help potential clients visiting your website and improve lawyer SEO is by offering immediate assistance. Installing a chatbot on your site can help people with their most common questions. It’s an interactive way to provide an FAQ and cuts down on the time you’ll spend on the phone answering the most basic questions. Visitors to your site will see the chatbot as something personal and it allows you to start building a relationship with potential clients from the moment they arrive at your site.

Improving your firm’s site can be one of the best investments you make this year. If you’re interested in learning more about any of 2019’s hottest SEO trends or you’d like to discuss other improvements for your site, please contact us for a FREE consultation right away!

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